Why iOS?

Why iOS?

Here at Signal Inovasi, we are constantly pushing the boundaries when it comes to iOS development. We have an established reputation in the high-end iOS solutions market, and despite strong, diverse, and resourceful competition, our distinct approach to client requirements guarantees our continual growth across the industry. Our extremely talented mobile specialists collaborate to shorten the delivery timeline and produce extremely polished final products.


Global Tablet Users Running iPads


% of Global App Download Revenue


Fortune 500 Companies Testing on iPhone

iPhone Development

The iPhone is without doubt the most renowned smartphone in today’s market. Apple recently announced that over 1 Million apps are currently available from their App Store (as of October 2013), and with more than $13 billion being paid out (mainly to iPhone developers), this trend is only set to continue in the future.

For any individual or business that has identified the need to go mobile, iPhone app development can provide an excellent return on investment and a channel to reach a global audience. Whether you are providing a mobile version of the service your website already delivers or breaking completely new ground with a game-changing productivity or efficiency tool, with an iPhone application your business is carried around in the pockets of constantly connected consumers, just a tap away at all time.


iPad Development

One of the most game-changing devices of recent years, the iPad has had a tremendous impact on the way we go about our daily tasks, and has changed the face of mobile web browsing and the way we take in information.

A staggering 91% of business professionals use an iPad to get things done, indicating the importance of ensuring iPad app development is a part of your company’s mobile strategy. Its 9.7 inch screen offers a lot more space to play with in comparison to the iPhone, allowing us to really expand the look and feel of your application.

The iPad Mini caters for users who want something that falls between the two, offering a 7 inch display that enables your company to increase its mobile reach even further.


Universal App Development

For the vast majority of iPhone development projects, we recommend building a universal iOS application. This means your company’s smartphone app will also be supported on the iPad.

From a development perspective, the workload required to make an iPhone application optimised for the iPad is minimal, with the vast majority of heavy lifting done during the design stage. As a result, depending on the size of your project, a universal application will not typically require vast amounts of additional effort to complete.