Why Android?

Why Android?

Android is the most dominant smartphone platform in the world. With over 1 billion (as of September 2013) activated devices in use today and a constant growth of around 900,000 activations per day, it is a platform that your company can not afford to ignore.

There are currently over 1 million apps available on the Google Play Store (as of May 2013), with download figures rising above 48 billion. Android apps development can generate a healthy ROI independently or help brands reach wider audiences. It also helps considerably to strengthen existing user relationships and convert new customers.


Global Smartphone Penetration


% of Global App Downloads


Predicted Increase In Android Shipment Revenue (2013 – 2018)

If your business is looking to include Android development as part of its mobile strategy, it is imperative to ensure your chosen Android app developers have a solid understanding of the considerations required when building for the platform. Signal Inovasi is an Android app development company and has great experience implementing scalable design and multiple device support, whilst our detail-oriented testing procedure ensures visual and performance consistency between the vast array of Android-enabled devices.

There are currently over 11, 868 (as of July 2013) distinct different Android devices available to consumers. These devices come with different display sizes, performance specifications, and OS versions. With so many users spread across so many devices, we are able to deploy applications that take all these points into consideration and deliver the best all-round solution.